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Welcome to /ar/! ranchant Board owner 01/08/2022 (Sat) 08:02:52 No. 17 [Reply]
This board is for the discussion of retro anime and manga, generally keeping it pre-2000. This isn't a hard rule, but don't go posting seasonal stuff. Also, this is still a young board and site as a whole, so if you have any suggestions, put them in >>>/meta/. Please keep the global rules in mind, especially rule 3. Enjoy!
Edited last time by ranchant on 01/11/2022 (Tue) 05:36:26.

(95.99 KB 480x640 AKR084A.jpg)
(40.08 KB 640x400 582395024.gif)
(12.40 KB 640x400 346347235.gif)
Old Japanese Web Pages anon 01/16/2022 (Sun) 18:58:24 No. 219 [Reply]
It's time to play the retro otaku famous sport, finding old Japanese web pages! Now these days, various search engines have been filtering these pages, making them harder to find, but if you know a thing or two about old anime/doujin circles, this shouldn't be a challenge for /ar/. Do pixelly oekaki scribbles make you blush? Does finding dithered old .MAG anime CGs make you cum? Then take note of these examples to find these types of images on your local search engine >"index of" ~[insert generic japanese nickname here] >"index of" ~[insert old PC model here] >CG [insert 90s anime or 90s anime character name], "ne.jp", 1998.03.05 (this date is just an example, any date between the early 90s-early 00s will give you results) Voila! You've done it. Now contribute to the thread with your various findings. Happy hunting, /ar/.
this is a nice idea, but I wouldn't limit it to porn
(268.54 KB 971x760 arnolddesu.png)
Instructions unclear somehow I am here. Send help OP
Would Yandex yield far more results?
>>219 share where you found those, please!
(108.79 KB 1024x768 ME-tan vs Porn.png)
I found these Higurashi-themed sites from the otaku documentary in >>877 https://web.archive.org/web/20070216204535/http://www.geocities.jp:80/loosedogtom/higurashi/higurashi.html https://poopingpenis.web.fc2.com/higurasi/ (mirrored from trapmaster.topaz.ne.jp/higurasi/, I had a feeling it wouldn't last long, so thankfully I had the good conscience to save it since the Internet Archive didn't)

(178.58 KB 700x526 To Heart (2).jpg)
Classic anime music anon 01/09/2022 (Sun) 13:34:09 No. 59 [Reply] [Last]
Let's have a thread for pre-2000s anime music that you enjoy a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MGQpJq5KVs
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>>1243 How could you forget the greatest openings of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo_3ckW1_8Y And this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R76tRGx2ug
(51.13 KB 720x540 mpv-shot0056.jpg)
>>1689 I will forever hate the name on that third video, spoiled me on something I had no idea about. My own fault for looking the OST up for Danpei's theme but I just didn't expect that shit to be there, could've easily called it something like Rikishi's Theme 2 or something. Speaking of AnJ music, here are Joe and Carlos's theme when they're entering the ring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBlIJicsD8A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbI-83fCync Really cool choices imo.

HxH 1999 anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 08:10:09 No. 1691 [Reply]
Not sure if it needs a thread but it's not like we're overflowing with discussion here ;), still I recently started watching the original HxH anime from 1999. I have never actually watched/read any of HxH and all I know of it was that it's permanently on hiatus, that cat girl (or boy?) that everyone posts a lot and the designs of the MC's. I decided to give it a shot for no real reason and so far I've been enjoying it. I've watched YYH last year and enjoyed that as well. I found Season 1 of YYH to be good, 2 to be great the first half of 3 to be fantastic and then it kinda falls off after Sensui is introduced which was a shame, but it's nice to know that Togashi hasn't lost it with HxH. I will say the first couple of episodes were...fine, I'm still not entirely sure what the plot is. Sure, Gon is trying to find his father and that's the goal but the whole idea of Hunters just seem odd. The fact Gon and that other hunter in the first episode were seen hunting animals and Gon wants to become a hunter kind of makes you think Hunter's are animal hunters, but then they add several characters who don't really fit that niche at all which makes the term "Hunter" kind of confusing. I guess it's more like a catchall term for someone who is exceptional and reliable in everything and thus the guy you go to for troubles, like an official bounty hunter or mercenary. Character wise, I enjoy them a lot.What surprises me the most about this show was that I expected Gon to be the main part of the whole show and everyone else to sort of be secondary characters who don't really interact with one another since it's about Gon and his story, but it's actually pretty cool to see Leorio and Kurapika be together a lot and see their histories and helping each other out and such. I also like how Gon and Killua have a really normal friendship. They basically act like kids their age would act if they were friends. Which is very surprising since I thought Killua would be very stoic and not want to be friends with Gon but he opened up pretty damn quickly to him. Hell their dynamic feels like the other way around. Killua should be the MC and Gon is the friend who helps him out of his shell, but it's not like that at all. I'm currently on episode 27 and the final part of the Hunter exam. I found the first section (running) to be a bit lackluster and the second section (cooking) to be worse, but it REALLY picked up by the third section (trick tower) which I wished was longer and had them dealing with more psychological aspects over just fights, plus that 50 hour wait in the room could've been a really fun filler episode. The fourth section (battleship) was also REALLY good, a tough situation and a time limit where everyone had to work together felt really engaging to watch, especially with how it ended. The fifth section (badge hunting) was also quite engaging, giving Gon the task of grabbing Hisoka's badge was great even if we spent around two episodes watching him train and stalk him. A shame Ponzu didn't stick around, I liked her. I still have no idea what this series is even going to be about, sure Gon finding his dad, Kurapika getting revenge(?), Leorio becoming a doctor and Killua having...fun? I'm sure Hisoka is going to throw multiple wrenches in their plans but otherwise it's quite refreshing to not really know where this is going (although I have been spoiled on how Gon's arc ends). Anyhow, it probably didn't need a thread but I wanted to throw my thoughts out onto the board. Will probably update it in a few days when I'm nearing the end. Watching 4 episodes a day is fun when the show is actually quite good, as opposed to trudging my way through it like I did for other longer shows.

anon 08/13/2022 (Sat) 14:29:25 No. 1584 [Reply]
So I know the 20th Century in general is the gud shit, but I argue that the '90s, (or rather, from about 1988 onwards), was the absolute best, in terms of animation quality and good draftmanship, as well as actual directing,creating atmosphere and unique imagery.All those little special effects were great too-The glistening, the glowing,the blurry scenes, heat waves etc. The 70s and 80s were good, but to me it felt sort of like the animators and director and writers etc were still establishing themselves. The 90s is when they found their feet and took off running in practically every aspect. I think this era ended in around 2003,and I'm not sure why, maybe digital was just hard to get used to-- but I read somewhere that in the late '90s and early '00s there was a sort of "anime brain drain"-- that is, a lot of older greats left the industry, and the new young talent had a lack of mentorship.Of course there was also increased appeal to otaku and probably some budget issues.
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(202.21 KB 386x386 志保 不愉快 3.png)
>>1604 The OP is saying that the 90's were the golden age of animation, I don't see how that would coincide with the lost decade of Japanese economy if the cause was budget issues. For what he mentions, mainly visuals, I do blame the shift to digital. It's what I've seen happen to the (Western) comics of my childhood, they became unrecognizable from one year to the next.
>>1584 I find that anime was more consistently high quality in terms of animation quality from about 84 up until about 91 personally, maybe up until 94, and generally 70s and early 80s anime have the strongest storyboarding. There were some major innovations in the 90s, but shows fell back on still images far more, shot composition got a bit less inventive, Shinbo is the person I can think of who really stands out who wasn't already active in the 80s, and before the OVA market collapsed they were pumping out way too many low quality ones, fewer lavishly animated films as well. When TV anime spiked in 98 quite a few of the shows looked kind of bad too. That general level of high quality we were seeing in mid-late 80s TV anime, when the market for it contracted seemed very distant by that point. Keeping a show looking good for almost 100 episodes straight like the did with Maison Ikkoku feels downright impossible for the industry to pull off at any other time. There were some huge accomplishments and overcoming of past restrictions, in the 90s though, like Hamaji's Resurrection, but then in the 80s we had stuff like Be Invoked, Birth and Akira which did the same. A small handful of realist animators definitely reached peak skill level by the mid 90s, Ohira, Iso, Utsunomiya, Inoue, Okiura, but then Kanada school guys like Kanada and Yamashita were doing the same a decade earlier.
>>1626 THIS
>>1626 That's an interesting proposition.What do you think was the highlight reel of this era?As in, a list of maybe 10 of that era's anime that one ought to see to get what you're talking about...
>>1681 As in the 80s or 90s? Things like 90s anime breaking down into stills more requires watching lots and lots of TV anime from both decades, so a highlight reel is less applicable there. Or are you wondering what were in my opinion the boundary breaking productions of the 90s?

(324.87 KB 1193x1200 1662650630228.jpg)
anon 09/08/2022 (Thu) 16:53:11 No. 1631 [Reply]
Who is she and why is she so cute
Looks like the Ghost in the Shell manga.
>>1676 Yeah, definitely Ghost in the Shell. I remember a lot of these panels well from so much time staring at them, cause--yeah, Major Kusanagi looks really cute in it.
>>1676 >>1682 Thank you

(37.18 KB 664x374 yabuki.jpg)
(218.56 KB 676x253 lupan.png)
(368.80 KB 500x375 cobura.png)
Dezaki anon 08/04/2022 (Thu) 12:36:36 No. 1518 [Reply]
Thread dedicated to the great Osamu Dezaki. Starting his career notably as an animator for Astro Boy, Dezaki made his claim after directing the Ashita no Joe anime. In it he defined much of what would become his signature style, which he would continue to develop throughout his future works. Many aspects of his style became defining tropes of anime. For example, his famous freeze frame technique, known as a postcard memory (pics related) has become a staple of anime. If you want more examples of tropes he started I recommend watching Ashita no Joe. IPs he has directed include: Golgo 13, Black Jack, Space Cobra, Lupin III, Aim for the Ace, Moomin, The Roses of Versailles, and more. Without Dezaki the golden age of anime, that this board relates to, would not have existed as it did.
>>1518 Forgot to mention that he also formed the Madhouse studio so
>>1518 Love Dezaki's stuff, he's definetly my favourite director and I really want to watch a lot more of his directed shows and movies. Though, I do wonder. I really do give Dezaki a lot of praise for work he has directed but at the same time he never really MADE the work I love. I always wonder if I give him too much praise? First thing I saw from him was Ashita no Joe back in 2018 and it was incredibly good, probably my favourite of everything he has directed. I sadly spoiled myself on the ending despite not actually knowing it on the DAY I started watching it through no fault of my own although I did search up the OST and learned of Rikishi's death which made me very sad. Even after all of this, I still very much enjoyed it until the end. Was so glad a show from the 70s could keep my attention since it was the second one I ever watched from that time period and always assumed it was just going to be boring but I was hooked from episode 1 and I honestly think it was how it was directed. I recently got a friend into it after pestering him for two years or so and he loved it too, felt good after he found Season 1 to be very boring. I watched Rose of Versailles around 6 months after that which was equally as good, even if it took me multiple weeks to watch 3 episodes. I'll always remember spending one day watching the final 9 episodes straight because it was just so good. I'm really glad I didn't give up on this one because I was just not feeling it until the 4th episode where young Antoinette had to deal with the "prostitute" wife and it became VERY interesting. Some fantastic shots in this one as well (pic related is so lovely). I really did feel for the characters and I really did love how it ended even if it was somewhat sad. I wonder if that 50th anniversary movie will be good? A year and a half after that was Takarajima and having never read Treasure Island I was pleasantly surprised with it. A true adventure that I just adored right from the beginning, I also felt like Jim when you learnt the real nature of Long John Silver which I had somehow never been spoiled on. I was shocked at how Grey's story came to an end as well. He was my favourite character from the second he decided to stick with the "good" guys during the mutiny and seeing him die in one of the many Irish revolutionary wars just felt so sad, especially when that didn't happen in the book from what I looked up. I remember telling my mother about this one as well as she's Irish and she found it very interesting that someone in Japan decided to change the fate of that character from the book to something like that as she imagined they wouldn't really know/care about it much.
>>1622 Then it was Oniisama E around 6 months later, which was also quite good. I remember finding it quite boring at the beginning but it really picked up as it went on. A lot of great characters and interesting ideas throughout, Mariko was my favourite and her arc was really something. Felt bad for her at the beginning when she just desperately wanted to be Nanako's friend. Rei and Kaoru were great too and I did enjoy the change the anime gave for the ending though, even if the original was much more heart wrenching. I'd say this anime has my favourite Dezaki directed shots. I also remember telling my mother about this anime because she went to an all girls rich boarding school that was similar to this as a poor girl through a scholarship and she told me it was nothing like this, a lot of the girls she knew were very kind to her and even gave her old supplies for things when they got new ones which seemed very kind. Aim for the Ace was the last thing I saw from him that I finished which was last September. That was a mixed bag but mostly enjoyable, I found the coach to be a really great character and Hiromi too, honestly the entire show had great characters with a lot going for them and I loved some of their arcs. I did find the first season made Hiromi very bad at Tennis and then she just randomly became VERY GOOD and was able to beat Ochoufujin at the end which just felt really odd, but I'm guessing it's because the coach just knew how talented she was. I also enjoyed the sequels that were made ten years later or so, really wished they got the 1080p treatment because the art in these is stunning (although I do like the rough style of the 70s one as well). I think Midorikawa was my favourite character from the show especially in the later parts, but I really did like Hiromi and her friend Maki too. I do hope the remake of the original from the late 70s gets translated one day. I'm currently watching Gamba's Adventure and sadly it's probably the first thing by him (Not counting directed Lupin movies) where I'm not really enjoying it. I'm not entirely sure why either, I imagine it's the very childlike and simple nature it has. Sure it's got the adventurous aspects of Treasure Island, and fun characters but overall it just has these feeling of nothing really substantial happening. I'm on Episode 14 right now and I do hope it gets better as they FINALLY approach Noroi's island. I've been meaning to respond to this thread for weeks now even if I just described why I liked each anime over their style so enjoy this very long post, hopefully you're still around OP.
(565.36 KB 849x668 joe.png)
>>1622 >>1623 OP here, sorry for late response It's true that he's never made any IPs, but I think his fame has always come from his directing style. I'd seen Cobra, Treasure Island, and Joe before I learned they shared the same director, but when I did learn it made a lot of sense. His good stuff always has the nicest balance of attention to character and attention to setting. By that I mean his works are usually stapled by good characters and expert design/style; rather than one or the other. A lot of anime suffer from focusing either too hard on the characters or on the setting. For example, one of my problems with big budget works, like Akira, Vampire Hunter D, and Ghibli's, is that the quality of the plot/characters often trades off with the attention to visuals/setting. For example, many people crap on Castle of Cagliostro because of its take on Lupin's character (lack of character). Miyazaki has never been a master of characters, but of setting, which is why his adaptation of Lupin is known more as a standalone work than another Lupin film. Vice versa, overbearing attention to characters makes a work feel over dramatic /cheesy. For example, if there is too much dialogue/ lack of world building then a work can get stale quick. No one wants to watch a collage of reaction images put over nonstop dialogue. Dezaki works usually have the perfect balance of well designed characters and great attention to setting. He's got a big knack for atmosphere, usually able to pull off tension, serenity, or whatever emotion he needs in creative ways. I really enjoy his use of backgrounds, especially in Joe. Sometimes he'd use psychedelic backgrounds for neurotic moments, like pic related, and the more well known detailed ones, like the ones you posted, for decisive moments. One of his drawbacks is that his plots sometimes get ahead of themselves. As you mentioned with Ace there is some BS involving Hiromi. Similarly, in pretty much any of his works, there are moments where if you aren't drawn in well enough you notice the holes (i.e: Joe taking on 5 grown yakuza at the age of 15, Cobra dodging lasers, Hiromi getting good so quickly, etc). Part of this can probably be owned up to the fact that a lot of his works use limited animation, but it's definitely a drawback.
>>1679 >OP here, sorry for late response No problem, I was meant to respond to your thread ages ago. >I'd seen Cobra, Treasure Island, and Joe before I learned they shared the same director, but when I did learn it made a lot of sense. I think I only discovered he was the director of some of my favourite shows when I watched Takarajima and that was when I really noticed how I just loved his work, and after that I wanted to see more but sadly I feel Takarajima was the peak for me. >His good stuff always has the nicest balance of attention to character and attention to setting. By that I mean his works are usually stapled by good characters and expert design/style; rather than one or the other. That is true, all of the work he directs have great characters and great settings, whenever I watch something he directed I just see it right from the start. >For example, many people crap on Castle of Cagliostro because of its take on Lupin's character I actually love Caglistro and consider it my favourite Lupin film, haha. I like to think this movie is near the end of his career where he's matured to the point of being very mellow and easygoing, I know he always is but the way he is portrayed here makes me think that way. >He's got a big knack for atmosphere, usually able to pull off tension, serenity, or whatever emotion he needs in creative ways. That's for sure, I'd say Rose of Versailles and Takarajima were the two that REALLY had some amazing scenes that got to me. >I really enjoy his use of backgrounds

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(1.79 MB 876x810 ClipboardImage.png)
Favourite /ar/ anime. anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 07:42:57 No. 1659 [Reply]
What's your absolute favourite /ar/ anime, and why? For me, it's Irresponsible Captain Tylor. I remember watching the first episode back in 2017 and finding it to be somewhat uneventful, and it wasn't until the fourth episode where the crescendo made me laugh for a solid ten seconds that I fell in love with it. I found the anime to be incredibly hilarious and it had that charm of not knowing how the characters were going to get out of an impossible situation and then seeing them get out of it flawlessly. I do think it suffers from a few slow moments, some out of character moments for Tylor and a very lackluster, confusing final fight. I wanted to see Tylor and the crew get out of impossible battle situations and he's only in four in the entire anime, I get not wanting to make an anime that's all about winning impossible situations but I just wish there was more. The crew are fantastic as well, great characters all round. The Mad Max style soldiers who are so stupidly dressed for their jobs, the android spy sent to kill Tylor who everyone falls in love with and even Yamamoto and Yuriko who are pretty normal by comparison are still great for being straight men to Tylor's idiotic ideas and escapades. As for the enemy alien army, there aren't that many but I did find the two main ones Azalyn and Dom to be pretty fun, although I did find Azalyn's obsession over Tylor a bit of a meh plot point since it doesn't really go anywhere. This was probably the first anime where I saw my favourite trope of "underestimated lucky idiot" being put into full effect and I noticed that I LOVE that kind of trope. I saw it a few times in things like Ace Attorney and Index, but never pieced it together until this show. Worst part is, I've never seen another anime really do it again, although Golden Boy was close. Surprisingly, I've never seen the OVA's despite this being my favourite anime. For some reason I just never had the drive to do it despite having no reason not to. I'll have to figure out a good time to watch them. I also kind of want to read the entire Japanese wikipedia page for Tylor since it seems to have the ENTIRE light novel up there but only in Japanese which I learnt from a quick google translate skim has Tylor be a 30 year old pedophile who is also sent back in time to WW2 to command the Yamato in one of the novels which sounds hilarious.
3 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>1659 Great pick,I actually watched Tylor for the first time back in 2017 too. I have a hard time picking my absolute favourite but I really love Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai! it really resonated with me and the presentation is amazing. https://youtu.be/L-h5bTnIfTE
(114.89 KB 960x540 rz.jpg)
>>1666 Great choice, definitely up there for me. Roujin Z is my choice, brisk, hilarious, action packed, surprisingly prescient, and full of amazing shots and great animation all the way through.
(716.73 KB 1996x1529 1255975629606.jpg)
Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still For all your sci-fi wuxia superhero anime needs
>>1667 Roujin Z is probably my favorite anime film too
(91.92 KB 960x720 Autistic child.jpg)
Zeta Gundam is my favourite anime simple as.

(131.27 KB 1440x1080 sakura3.jpg)
Card Captor Sakura anon 06/12/2022 (Sun) 07:55:34 No. 1379 [Reply]
Sex with Sakura.
(24.19 KB 80x96 sakura2.gif)
I started watching this the other day. I was curious if it was just nostalgia for a lame girls' show, or if it was any good. I'm enjoying it. I'm the simple sort of person that just wants to know what's next, so the monster of the week format is fine with me. Sakura is cute. The cards are cool. Tomoyo isn't that interesting to me, but she's extremely similar to Kozue from the 2003 VN "Snow Sakura". It isn't surprising, but it was just kind of neat to see what might be the source of inspiration for the character.
(4.08 MB 640x360 1662965399851.gif)
This may not fit on the board, but is the 2018 sequel any good? I've just finished the entire series + the movies and liked it, although I'm skeptical a modern sequel to an /ar/ anime would be any good

(1.45 MB 1193x897 KagomePointsOut.png)
anon 04/17/2022 (Sun) 12:46:43 No. 1065 [Reply]
You VILL listen to the stunning soundtrack by Kaoru Wada You VILL get comfy at the sight of the Ferris wheel You VILL get immersed into the world of medieval Japan You VILL marvel at the beautiful backgrounds and colour palettes And you VILL enjoy it
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>>1157 boomerang
>>1157 She makes my dick hard.
this thread got derailed like the train casey jones was on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSzVNoX57mA
>>1240 >Naraku's theme starts >AHHHH POISONOUS INSECTS!
I'm still mad after all these years that Kagura was kill, Sesshomaru has revived worse with the Tenseiga. Complete bullshit!

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