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anon 04/19/2022 (Tue) 23:58:57 No. 8
Post underrated 2000s kino right now!
(344.16 KB 1600x1200 thumb-1920-72592[1].jpg)
>>8 Did someone say "Kino"? The 2000s literally had an anime called exactly that.
>>8 Is Ergo Proxy underrated? Or do you mean underrated at the time? I really like R.O.D TV but don't really hear a lot of people talk about it.
(31.81 KB 300x406 heatguyj.jpg)
this one was fun and once it stops becoming episodic it's a wild ride >>10 this looks pretty cool, should I start with the tv or the ova?
>>14 The TV is pretty much a sequel to the OVA just with a different cast of characters and a few changes here and there. So start with the OVA. I like them both and they remind me of Metal Gear Solid a bit with their modern world and super powers that you'd see in something like MGS2. Plus, Yoriko is a pretty fun character due to her easy going nature of just wanting to read books and avoid trouble which usually leads to her getting into fights she desperately wants to end. TV has a new set of characters with similar powers to Yoriko and they're just as fun.
>>15 yeah that sounds awesome. and I saw there's some steampunk influence, quite an alluring package there
>>15 I was thinking about watching this because meganekko christmas cake
>>10 I've heard multiple poor things about the R.O.D TV series but I absolutely loved the OVA. Should I go ahead and continue with the TV version after all?
>>20 I'd rate it better than the OVA to be honest, a lot more story occurs and the new characters are pretty fun, but if you're in it for Yoriko then ROD TV pretty much makes her a secondary character and focuses on the new characters for around 15-17 episodes before bringing her back in and making the story focus on her for the final few episodes. I think it also retcons some stuff from the OVA and the story is debatable whether it's good or not. I thought it was fine. If you liked it for the late 90s/early 00s world, and the action I'd say you'd enjoy it but if you dislike any of the new characters from the start then you'd probably dislike it. Give it a try anyhow, I watched it last year and can't really remember much beyond just liking it.
>Aria: the animation >Keroro >Hamtaro and that's all i can think about.
Twin Spica Arjuna Gankutsuo I wanna say Twelve Kingdoms and Candidate for Goddess but neither got an ending.
>>10 Ergo proxy is just cult anime. Stuff like this doesn't rlly hit mainstream.
Suprised no one mentioned flcl.
>>77 FLCL is pretty popular imo
(926.78 KB 1439x1080 i love this bully.png)
animal yokochou
>>77 Never heard of it, your taste is too obscure for us plebs
Skullman is decent. Never seen anyone ever mentioning it online
(411.91 KB 283x283 1648754043401.gif)
hare guu is fun
(1.04 MB 380x480 Z1b1soy.gif)
>>94 if only someone leaked the abrmx of the entire series, I might actually get to watch it the openings are bops
>>95 >abrmx What does this mean? Did a cursory search but didn't really find anything helpful.
>>99 A catchall term for a remux done and solely shared on that one notorious anime-related private tracker.
(53.56 KB 396x594 daichi.jpg)
(54.74 KB 340x475 strangedawn.jpg)
(252.38 KB 320x433 ffunlimited.png)
These series deserve more love.
(34.11 KB 480x360 metarex.jpg)
>>105 Can't believe I almost forgot this peak example of underappreciated 2000s kino.
>>105 > FFU > needs more love Yikes, Even the OP for that show is terrible. Gonzo had a lot of decent shows back in the day but that aint one of them.
>>107 It was fun, and Kaze is one of the best anime characters of the 2000s. Nerds just hate anything FF-related that isn't their precious Ivalice (Reddit: the setting).
>>108 In all fairness the story and world isnt the problem here, the different worlds connected how they were wasnt uninteresting, the way they walked you thru the whole thing was.
>>86 i love how flcl viewers are serial experiments lain,kill la kill,Space Patrol Luluco veterans like me lol
>>116 the 2020 movie about doremi fans sure was depressing
>>8 all you posted is shit. garbage thread
>>8 all you posted is shit. garbage thread
>>120 >>121 cringe
>>105 >Strange Dawn >Two girls get isekaid to another world full of foot fetishist gnomes as part of some prophecy to save the world >Are essentially useless save just being bigger than everyone by a long shot >Abruptly ends without things getting solved in the world I'm not even dissing the show, I enjoyed it, but boy was that ever a weird one.
Considering how popular studio Bones used to be I'm always shocked at how little mention Scrapped Princess gets when people are discussing their work these days.
(229.36 KB 950x1426 galaxyangel.jpg)
GA is so niche, but that's a good thing.
>>8 Some underrated ones imo.
>>144 Only Gungrave is any good
(988.39 KB 300x300 ranfa tissoku.gif)
(86.94 KB 353x500 untitled.jpg)
>>143 I started watching it recently and I can see why it would not be highly rated; the gags are on the weak side, and the episodes' plots are less imaginative than could be expected from the generic frame. Not to say it's not enjoyable, but 6 episodes in, the cute girls are carrying the show. Here's another space aliens comedy.
(29.60 KB 639x357 1620916801805.jpg)
Unpopular opinion, i think GITS SAC was kino.
(616.71 KB 1093x614 RD.jpg)
>>8 Real Drive for me, it's one of my favorites from the decade. Well produced, interesting world and concepts thanks to Masamune Shirow that get explored well, endearing characters, appealingly clean aesthetic that fits the setting and tone of the show, and its just a fun time.
(1.03 MB 1024x768 2009-09-05-195559.jpg)
>>8 Does this one count?
(1.03 MB 1024x768 2009-09-05-195559.jpg)
>>8 Does this one count?
(21.69 KB 251x231 1657389571412.jpg)
>>174 >>175 Sorry for this. I thought it didn't post.
(909.91 KB 500x275 gainer.gif)
Overman King Gainer. Its very underrated work of Tomino and isn't as popular as his other works.
>>177 >Tomino into the trash
Anyone else here watch Vandread?
>>179 I did,back then I just finished watching Nadesico and was looking for something similar. It was surprisingly enjoyable but I can see some people getting turned down by the early CG scenes, I remember thinking they could get hard to follow during the earlier episodes.
>>180 Nice, I like Nadesico as well. I wasn't put off by the early CG I thought the series was quite comfy and was huge into anything remotely harem troped at the time. Which brings me to another underrated series of the 2000s. Girls Bravo!

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