Wapchan prides itself on being a small, comfortable corner of the net to anonymously discuss old anime & manga as well as other topics. However, like almost all imageboards, Wapchan is regularly hit by automated CSAM attacks, which are not only degenerat beyond all belief, but actively threaten this site's ability to stay online. Therefore, we need dedicated users of this site to volunteer to remove this content whenever it appears. Communication will be done through Email and Discord/IRC.

how to apply

To apply, send an email with the answers to the below questions to [email protected]. You can use an anonymous account if you want, the email is just used in case you forget your password on the site.

If things look good, I'll try and setup time to chat with you on IRC for a bit, just to make sure you're a good fit.


NOTE: If you would like to also help out on the site in a more involved way (managing a board or working on frontend changes) please state that in your email.

applications are currently OPEN as of 8/17/23.