As you've probably figured out by now, wapchan is a pretty comfy board to post on, especially with the fact that there are no captchas. However, this comes with the trade off that the site is much more suseptible to automated spam attacks, and I am not always around to clean them up. If you want to keep wapchan comfy and see the site continue to grow, I encourage you to apply for a staff position on here!


I am looking for mods to help keep this place tidy. Here's some guidelines:

Communication will be done through IRC/email (may change chat services in the future), no secret discord cabal or jannie board here.

how to apply

To apply, send an email with the answers to the below questions to [email protected]. You can use an anonymous account if you want, the email is just used in case you forget your password on the site.

If things look good, I'll try and setup time to chat with you on IRC for a bit, just to make sure you're a good fit.

applications are currently OPEN as of 10/12.