apply for staff!


currently, wapchan is entirely run by me, ranchan. however, as the board grows and this site gets more traffic, additional staff members would be nice to have around here to clean up spam and stay engaged with the community.


i am currently looking for a few moderators for the site. here are some guidelines

this isn't meant to be anything fancy, but if you genuinely care about this site and want to keep it high quality, helping out in the moderation department goes a long way to making that a reality if you're posting about wap on another imageboard:
how to apply

to apply, you simply need to send an email answering the questions below to admin@wapchan.org. it can be an anonymous email account, it's simply used on the site itself as part of your account in case you forget your password

if i think you're a good candidate i'll setup an informal interview with you on the IRC just to talk and get a feel for how you are. if things work out then you're in!

applications are currently OPEN.