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Wapchan Rules & Guidelines

Using this site means you're agreeing to following the rules below:
  1. You are at or above the age of 18. You will be banned if you identify as being underage
  2. You won't post :
    • Frogs or jaks. They don't fit the theme of this site, and we encourage users to make original meme formats.
    • Personal information about people (dox). Users have a right to privacy on this site.
    • Calls to raid or otherwise spam other boards/sites.
    • Excessive NSFW content, of both sexual and groteque nature. Light ecchi is allowed, but must be spoilered or it will be removed.
    • Excessive slurs or other derogatory content. This place is meant to be comfy, not a hellscape.
    • Current political content. This site does not host any form of /pol/ and is not meant for political discussion. Historic content important to the context of a discussion is allowed. There's a fine line with this one, so just use your head and think before you type.
    • Ads to unrelated services/sites. If you host a site alligned with our kind of content and want to be added to our friendly site list, please make a post on /wap/ about your site with a description. If you post ads on other boards or without a description you will be assumed to have not read the rules and will be banned.
    • Anything that otherwise breaks US law. Wapchan is hosted in the US and as such is subject to its laws.

    As you can see, the rules are pretty simple around here. As long as you're not acting like a total nuisance, then you'll be fine around here

    Updated May 6th 2023

    V 1.1

Posting Guidelines

On Wapchan, we strive to have high quality discussions. With that in mind, here are some posting guidelines: