spreading the word...


wapchan at it's heart is a board about community, and this is reflected in the way anons from all over the net hear about it. i don't belive in buying adspace around the internet for my board, and instead want to grow it the same way many classic sites did: through word of mouth.

some guidelines

if you're posting about wap on 4chan:

if you're posting about wap on another imageboard: if you're posting about wap on another IRC/BBS server:

if you're posting about wap on social media:

this isn't some formal rules list, i mean you aren't paid shills or anything. but i feel these guidelines will help the board out. also: i don't personally hate all redditors or social media users. this may be a different take from how some other imageboards operate, but i'm open to partnering the site with other like minded communities, even if they aren't operating their own sites. we want to encourage users who don't usually post in these kinds of sites to participate, so keep an open attitude.