global rules...

the rules:
  1. you have to be 16 to come here. if you out yourself as a kid, you're gonna be treated as one and put in time out (ie banned).
  2. illegal content is not allowed on wapchan, this includes but is not limited to:
    1. serious threats of violence. obviously this isnt meant to dissuade people from making jokes, but don't cross the line
    2. doxxing. please don't be an asshole. some users want to stay anonymous and that should be respected
    3. anything that breaks US law. wapchan is hosted in the US and as such is subjected to the laws of the land
  3. this site is not for political discussion, please refrain from doing so. this will be strictly enforced.
  4. the site is meant to be SFW. NSFW content is allowed, but must be spoilered.
  5. in regards to the above, dont spam slurs or other derogatory content, and try to be nice in general.
  6. dont post suspicious links, this includes but is not limited to: IP grabbing services, and URL shortening services.
  7. dont spam ads to unrealted services/sites. other imageboards are welcome to post greetings provided we are able to post one on their board.
stance on politics

rule 3 may be contreversial to some, but i stand by it. i feel that /pol/ type banter is detrimental to the type of discussion and community we am trying to forge here. this site is meant to be in the spirit of the old internet, where everyone wasn't so wrapped up in politics. there are countless other boards on the net to disucss this if you're so inclined. with that stated, the rule is not meant to stifle discussion surrounding historical political references in media. the rule is mostly meant to block out current political discourse.