about wapchan...

some backstory...

wapchan began life as a sort of offshoot of /lum/, the urusei yatsura general that's become somewhat imfamous on 4chan's /a/. i myself made quite a few threads there, and enjoyed running both the UY and part of the Ranma storytimes. after a while though, i got burnt out and took a break. one day i was in one of those copypaste pc-98 threads where i proposed the idea for an /ar/ altchan (i probably proposed it earlier in some other rumiko thread since an anon mentioned it, but i dont really remember), the name "wapchan" itself was suggested to me by this anon, and the "idea" of wapchan was born. here's an early version of the site that used tinyIB

the idea was shelved for a while though. tinyIB was too limiting and setting up other software proved to be a pain. i also wasn't a fan of of lynxchan's default interface. so life moved on throught the fall, but the idea happened to come up again when i was working on the alternative 2021 /a/ collage. i decided "what the heck" and got myself a vps and started up wapchan on new years eve (post 1 is on the 31st). ever since then, i've been adding features and services to the site.

what does the name mean?

wapchan was inspired by the term "wapanese", which is an old term that meant "white japanese", or someone obsessed with japanese culture. it's a fitting name for the theme of this site.

why are there so few boards?

i didn't want wapchan to become a ghost town with tons of dead boards, or to be a bad clone of 4chan. this is why wapchan tries to go for smaller, more unique boards. popular suggestions will most likely be added.

privacy and data integrity

wapchan commits to not sharing any data about it's users. i don't run any sort of analytics software at the moment, and even if i started using some, it would be self hosted and only used to get a sense of some broad trends. but as stated before, this data would not be shared or sold. i'm not running any ads currently and don't plan to, though in the future i may offer users to buy "ads" (for threads or whatnot) to help support the site.


the posting guide can be found here.. it's pretty simple stuff.

what are the supported filetypes?

jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, png, webp, mp3, ogg, flac, opus, webm, mp4, pdf, epub, and txt

what is the maximum file size?

20 megabytes.